How long does shipping take?
We use USPS ground shipping which takes 2-5 days and takes around 2-3 days to fulfill the order. So you'll receive your boxes 4-8 days from receiving your payment.
When should I expect my package?
You will receive your box once a month. Depending on the date of your first box; you will receive them on that date each month.
What if I know my dog won't like something on the plan you make for him?
That is absolutely fine and we are here for you. We're here at the end of the phone or email to make changes to your plan with you. If they don't want chicken hip treats they won't get chicken hip treats as simple as that. We're here to tailor your box to your pup. No bots, just real people.
Which payment methods are accepted?
We accept all major US debit and credit cards and paypal.
What if my dog doesn't like something in his box, will you keep sending it each month?
Nope. You'll send us a quick email and we'll work with you to talk through something more fitting. We're here to learn about your dog and serve them the best we can.
My dog has allergies, can you cater to them?
Of course! when you go to checkout we ask you questions about your dog including any information about allergies they might have. We take this information and tailor the perfect box for your pup.
Can I end my subscription any time?
We'll be sad to see you and your pupper leave but of course you're free to cancel any time.
Can I return the box?
If you aren't happy with your box we can work with you to create a box you will be happy with or alternatively you can send the box back for a full refund.